When I change cue points of track in a Traktor playlist, it changes it in other playlists!

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Also when I open up my iTunes folder in traktor all the songs show up cue points from Traktor playlist.

As an fyi my Traktor did crash yesterday and I had to set it up again using the set up wizard and spend time trying to get back to the old display I had before.

any help on this cue point issue would be much appreciated - is it some sort of mapping issue?


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  • wayfinder
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    The cue points are stored per track by design, I would consider it a convenience feature even. Having to update a track separately for every playlist it's in would be less user friendly, in my opinion.

  • Wyley
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    You have make a copy of the "File".

    Close Traktor then go into your music folder, find the file, copy it and rename it. Open Traktor and locate the renamed copy and add it to you collection.


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