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Is there software or a registry hack to customize the drop-down menu when trying to add a VST onto a VST-bus in Maschine 2?

I'd like to organize my plugins by their function rather than by the manufacturer.

For instance compressors, filters, phasers etc.


  • Kymeia
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    I've not tested this in Maschine but in my other VST2 hosts I have them organised using a custom VST folder made up of subfolders of symlinks to the plugins - these are organised functionally. In most hosts that structure is then replicated when you direct them to the custom VST path.

  • Flexi
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    No, this cant be done, Maschine uses meta contained within the plugin itself, not system folders.

  • Yasaf
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    Thanks for your answer Flexi. Is it possible to move the cut / copy / paste box to go above the VST list? It would make my workflow much more effecient not having to scroll to these functions as often as I do.

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