Limited Data - impossible to install Komplete 14 Collectors edition

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Does anyone have a solution for those of us with limited data allowances and slow download speeds trying to install Komplete 14 Collectors edition? As others have mentioned, Komplete used to be available on a hard drive. Just installing Choir Omnia will almost blow out my entire monthly download limit. I will happily pay extra to get Komplete 14 on a hard drive. Updates through NI Access are fine, but, as the size of the downloads expand exponentially, it becomes increasingly hard for those of us in rural locations with limited data allowances to download and install NI software.



  • Nico_NI
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    You can use any external hard-drive to install your content.

    Check out how here: How Can I Share the KOMPLETE Content Between Several Computers Using An External Hard Drive?

  • MartinHines
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    NI should have offered a hard drive option for people like yourself -- i.e. offer to sell an external hard drive with all of the Komplete 14 CE content on it.

    As it stands you are out of luck.

  • Kubrak
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    You could try to buy K13 installation media secondhand. Install what is on K13 and download the rest. It would be fine, if NI has allowed to download the image of installation media. One could download it somewhere, where is good bandwitch and no limits. Or sell the media.

    Downloading 1TB+ of K14U CE seems to me pure craziness even on good internet line. Fortunatelly, I have K12U CE installation disc and downloaded some big installers from K13U CE, so I would need to download "only" a third of K14U CE...

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    Apparently NI no longer has interest in keeping customers with low bandwidth issues. I've been a customer since their first product. After moving to a rural area - being able to get new version updates via DVDs, & then, till now, on hard drives , I was a consistent customer.

    No more now as it is impossible to download such large files

  • Nico_NI
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    In my opinion it's not really necessary to install everything at once. I'd suggest to check and install the products you want to use or try first step by step.

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    I am also on a slow internet connection. I would also be happy to pay something extra to have Komplete 14 on a physical hard drive.

    As it is, I am not upgrading to K14 as downloading would take too long. This a shame as I was also going to upgrade my keyboard to a Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk 2 but since I am not upgrading the software I won't be upgrading the hardware either.

  • PK The DJ
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    I don't quite understand these complaints. People saying they're in a rural location and/or have a slow connection. Are you also glued to the floor? 😁

    Surely the solution is to go somewhere that DOES have a fast connection, download your content, then take it back home. You only need to do it once.

    I was in a situation a few years ago when I didn't have any internet connection at all. What did I do? I took my laptop to a location that did have internet and used that.

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    @PK The DJ No it is not necessarily just once. I had to do what you're pointedly telling these guys to do and I can tell you it was VERY inconvenient as I had to download Stradivari Cello 3 times. Because there was something wrong with 2 downloaded iso's and in the end they sent me a .zip from google drive. If I wasn't vigilant I would have downloaded the Stradivari Violin twice because I was given the wrong the zip.

    Support makes mistakes. They're human. You dont know everyones situations. People may not be able to just drop things and head for the city as I did, for any number of reasons.

    I think NI could at least make it an option for these people. If I didn't have access to a HDD for K13 UCE I wouldn't have purchased it.

    @Nico_NI I think its reasonable to expect to be able to use the products you paid for when ever you choose. In my case if I hadn't gone to the city I would have had to wait literally months just to get the Cremona Quartet and Arkhis installed because of a data cap.

  • PK The DJ
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    No, I'm not telling anyone to do anything. It's a suggestion.

    You mention a data cap. These days most ISPs offer unlimited usage, so that shouldn't be a problem either. Change provider. Native Instruments can't be held responsible for where their users live, or if they choose a capped ISP.

  • Pete_500
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    @PK The DJ But my music computer is a desktop. I'm not about to lug that somewhere to get a faster connection :-) And if I did it will be replaced soon so I would have to go through it all again.

    Quite frankly, I am surprised that a product which is 100s of GB in size and costing as much as it does is only available as a download. Previous releases were available on a hard disk. Its just a cost cutting exercise.

    >Native Instruments can't be held responsible for where their users live, or if they choose a capped ISP.

    Depends if they want people to use their product or not.

  • PK The DJ
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    But my music computer is a desktop

    So is mine, but I also own laptops. Several of them.

    Are you saying that you don't have a laptop?

    Native Instruments are not to blame for your decision to only have a desktop, or your decision to replace it.

    NI presumably cater for the majority, and in 2022 (soon to be 2023) fast uncapped internet connectivity is the norm.

    What other software these days is available on physical media? All the things I've bought recently do not include software in the box, just information on where to download it.

  • Jojo123
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    @Pete_500 I agree. I had to lug my 27" iMac TWICE and yea 100GB is even by todays standards a huge download.

    @PK The DJ The world is varied place. Not everyone has fast connections or can afford a second computer (laptop) or even want a Laptop, again for any number of reasons. Its not a case of it being the customers "fault" and NI shouldn't be questioned. What does make business sense is NI caters to as many customers as possible. People here have offered to pay extra for a HDD. I would call that going more than the second mile. Hats off to them.

  • JesterMgee
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    As someone that grew up in remote country and does worldwide support for a myriad of different countries I can sympathise with the OP especially since NI use to offer a physical product (tho it also would attract hefty import taxes compared to electronic downloads).

    However as this insane world "progresses" and companies prefer to increase profit margins and cut costs most are going away from the physical rout, just like games. First we lost printed manuals and now we loose any install medium. It sux but this is not an NI specific thing, all companies want to now make as much money as they can while not physically making anything while also trying to connect your vein to a suckscription to constantly drain the income from you.

    So you need to do some forward thinking and planning BEFORE you jump off the bridge. It is known at checkout this is a download only product and it has already been said but, it is NOT a requirement to download everything at once (a lot of content you prob will never even use). If you cannot travel to another location or purchase additional data for the download task then you need to incrementally install things each month starting with what would be the most important to you. Install a few things, then when you have a data reset install the next etc. If you have a mate in the same country you may be able to ask them to download the ISOs and put them on a USB. I mean, if you decided to get into this kind of hobby to start with there must have been some form of acceptance you will need to download some rather large things at some point. Netflix use to offer a physical DVD for playing movies....

    Hopefully NI will maybe have some kind of mailout option with a simple SSD in a padded envelope with the installers on them one day but don't count on it, if you really want to get into the game and you have limitations, learn how to work within your limits. Hell back in 2001 when all I had was dialup I use to wait literally weeks/months to download some software that was a few GB.

  • gDallasK
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    As well as the task of actually downloading some massive files, I have been hindered in installing the Komplete 14 Collectors Update on my Mac Studio by the repeated need to Restart Native Access 2 which would rarely download more than a GB of files without freezing. I have resolved the problem by reverting to the earlier version which does seem to keep going. I'd advise caution before updating to NA2.

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    Wow, this thread is full of useless, antagonistic solutions. So we are supposed to go door to door visiting businesses with high speed internet and ask if we can set up a computer and use their internet to download a huge data file? Really? That's your solution? Have you ever been out in the real world?

    So far I have been 8 hours downloading Choir - Omnia and I am two thirds done.

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