friend can't find Maschine 2 factory library

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I recently transferred my mikro mk3 license to a friend and today I received my Maschine mk3, he installed native access and and has Maschine 2 & Maschine 2 factory select applications but he doesn't have the actual Maschine 2 Factory Library. Do I need to do something on my end for him to receive the software, I got my email for the MK3 library software install but I don't want to use it till I know he has access to the one for the mikro..



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    Fair disclaimer: I never done this myself, but I have been around on the forums quite a whiel now and what I did do just now was look into my own transfer options.

    As far as I can tell you cannot transfer your software license anymore but only your hardware (this is what I've seen). This also matches the new NI policies: when you transfer hardware both yourself and the new owner get a software license. So you keep yours and the new owner gets a new one.

    Can you guys rule out any possible glitches? No mixing up of accounts? Your friend really used the same account on the website & Native Access? Speaking of which...

    Ask your friend to go to that URL to see what items are registered to their account.

    One way or the other though: you should go ahead with the installation of your software, trust me: it won't have any impact impact on your friend.

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    Thanks I’ll check and see what he used to access his account, maybe message support and see if they can help out with getting access to the sound library

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    AFAIK Maschine Mikro Mk3 does not come (anymore?) with the full Maschine 2 Factory Library but with Maschine Factory Selection.

    See the product details here:

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    As always for this kind of issues you can get in touch with our registration support:

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