Symphony Series missing two libraries in Komplete 14 CE

Danthesiser Member Posts: 16 Member

Hi there,

So, hurrah, Komplete 14 is out and I've upgraded to the Collector's Edition, which states it comes with the entirety of the Symphony Series. However, in Native Access, it's missing the percussion and woodwind ensemble libraries, while the other four are present.

My question is this: are these available yet or is there something awry with the Komplete 14 CE offer?

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  • Danthesiser
    Danthesiser Member Posts: 16 Member
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    This has now been sorted and the two missing libraries have magically appeared in NA2.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,693 mod
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    It was. indeed an issue on our side, it has now been fixed and everything should be available for you in Native Access.



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