Using a midi foot controller with Mas+

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Has anyone had any luck using a midi foot controller like Nektar pacer... to expand the looping capacity of the Maschine+ ?



  • D-One
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    Hum... Something like that is too fancy, you can't MIDI Map the record/play button in Maschine, however the simpler footpedals with just 2 signals (Tip and Ring via the Sustain Input in the back) work in all modern Maschine controllers but... it's configured via Controller Editor so I am not sure if this works on the M+ or not.

    Something like this:

    I'm not 100% sure but I think @ozon has tried this.

    EDIT: The manual says a simple Footswitch should work, page 210.

  • ozon
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    Unfortunately, I don’t remember… and the old forum is currently down… 😟

  • kleody
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    Thanks for reply! I kind of thought it might not be an easy solution- I will try the fs-6 and see if the compromise is ok though... cheers!

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