Traktor LE 3 Upgrade to Pro

Just bought a Xone 23c, and control vinyl. I've performed the mod, and followed A&H's online video about setting up timecode vinyl. However, it requires Pro. Included with the mixer is the card in the picture.

Am I not understanding correctly what I believe it states, because with everything registered between A&H, and NI, I still only have the option to purchase at full price Pro 3?

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Here's what I see on NI's site when selecting the Update option:

Any help is appreciated.



  • Wyley
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    edited January 30

    It’s written on the box that you can upgrade at a discounted price.

    One way to find out if you qualify is to log into your account.


    Which you did I see. It look s like you don't qualify which is weird. Contact customer care to see.

  • Karmic_Drone
    Karmic_Drone Member Posts: 2 Noise

    I opened a ticket. We'll see what happens. Thank you.

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