Traktor 3 - Audio Recorder not working

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Since few days/weeks (?), an issue appears on my Macbook (Perhaps following Mojave or Catalina Update): the Audio Recorder option is not working.

My setup is the following:

- Xone 92

- Audio 10 Soundcard.

- Traktor 3 (upgraded today as I also faced this issue on previous version).

The settings is correctly assigned to External and the source is the Channel D input which is rightly indicated in the software.

I tried all different input channels in the sound-card and rightly assigned it in the software: Not working.

I tried to change cables : not working.

I tried to link the input channel directly from a Mix output of the table instead of Recording output: Not working.

I reinstalled audio drivers: not working.

The IN light indicator on the sound-card is working accordingly to the music played.

In the sound preferences, we can see the sound enter the computer in the input part.

As from now, I'm totally lost for the troubleshooting so if someone have any ideas to help in TS process, that would be great.




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