Scarbee Funk Guitarist no longer sold by NI

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From September 7, 2022 Scarbee Funk Guitarist no longer sold by NI and is removed from Komplete.

Off course you can still buy this super authentic rhythm guitar library at

We look forward to see you😉


Thomas Hansen Skarbye



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    I am wondering why it was removed? And why particularly this library, while other Scarbee basses and keys remain in Komplete.

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    edited October 2022

    Im very disappointed. SFG was the second best selling Scarbee product, the second newest too. Sales in 2021 was identical with the second year after release - and the years in between it has been very stable...

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    Oh, feel sorry about that. Really strange, it is so great library, was it any explanation? The decision looks so random, was it any logic behind it.

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    Thank you for being here. I was lost but now found....searching far and wide on internet for info about now-legacy NI instruments and this Scarbee in particular.

    I've registered here and should find answers to other Qs I have.

    And I now know that Scarbee has a website! Which I am visiting.



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