Introduction to developing Reaktor Blocks

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Hi, all.

Does anyone have a source for an introduction to developing in Reactor and Reaktor Blocks?

Apologies if this is the thousandth time asked but I didn't see any pinned posts or links.



  • bolabo
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    Here's a video showing how to add front panel ports to older Reaktor Blocks in the Reaktor User Library:

    Happy to answer any questions here, if anyone one has any about block building :)

  • Moonbot7000
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    Reaktor tutorials. Com has a few videos that give you what you need specifically for blocks format. Their core masterclass is excellent and will give you the necessary knowledge for building your dsp within the block itself.

  • colB
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    The best source to start with is the manuals. Just click through to the 'Online Reaktor Documentation' from the help menu in Reaktor.

    Once you've worked through the various manuals, maybe watch some videos on youtube or wherever, but you might not need to. There is a lot in the manuals, and once absorbed, you can probably learn more from digging into the structure of factory and user library stuff, and asking questions here when you get stuck.

    I would recommend learning basic Reaktor development in Primary and core before diving into Blocks. Blocks are immediately intermediate to advanced level due to the combination of Primary and core, and the extra complexity due to the advanced interface components, event multiplexing and smoothing etc.

    It's not particularly difficult, but there are a lot of concepts to learn and internalise. So easier if you do all the fundamental stuff first, then add the Blocks specific stuff on top.

    You could just get stuck in and copy/paste stuff you don't really understand, it should 'just work', but you will get more from it if you understand the fundamentals well enough to be able to reverse engineer those components for yourself and change them to your own specifications.

    The old forum is also a fantastic resource.

    DSP is a whole other topic, probably best to think of as somewhat separate from Reaktor specific development. There are huge numbers of academic papers online covering the specifics of various DSP techniques. There are also free books etc. available. University dept. online resources specific to audio DSP... lots of stuff... enough to last many lifetimes!

    And other web forum resources like the Development subforum at KVRaudio for example...

  • Brett Lavallee
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    You can also learn a lot by inspecting the programming of the factory blocks.

    There are a ton of useful macros in them you can save as well.

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