Kontakt: Any way to IGNORE undo state in DAW?

Mike Maksim
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I'm using a script to generate MIDI CC LFO data. Anytime I perform an undo operation in my DAW (REAPER), the Kontakt engine reloads... something - maybe the entire ensemble, or it could just be the script instances. I'm not sure since I can never really see anything useful in the progress window (see screenshot). It takes a several seconds to do this each time. But the worst part is that it dirties the DAW undo buffer so that any undo states beyond that are lost!

I'd really love to find a solution for this so that Kontakt never tries to reload anything just because I performed an undo for something completely unrelated to the Kontakt instance.

Oh also, I do have the "enable undo" box unchecked in the options for Kontakt, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Please respond if you have any info that might help me resolve this. Thanks!


Hardware Configuration:

 Model Name: MacBook Pro

 Model Identifier: MacBookPro14,3

 Processor Name: Intel Core i7

System Software Overview:

 System Version: macOS 10.12.6 (16G29)

 Kernel Version: Darwin 16.7.0

REAPER v6.54/64

Kontakt 5.8.1


  • EvilDragon
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    Reaper does have an option to "Save minimal undo state" and you set it per plugin (right-click the plugin name in FX browser), not sure if that would help but try it.

  • Mike Maksim
    Mike Maksim Member Posts: 2 Member

    Cool I'll check that out. In the interim I actually ended up finding another way to obfuscate changes in the plugin from the REAPER undo buffer. Basically, I just add an instance of Blue Cat's Patchwork on a track, then host another BCP instance in there with the Kontakt patch and any other plugins and parameter mappings that it is controlling via MIDI CC data. As long as I don't map the parameters to the top-level parent instance, all of the changes and automation skip setting an undo state.

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