Traktor Pro 3 fails to close - Have I lost my history for the gig?

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For the first time in forever, TP3 failed to close last night after a gig (usual macOS spinner forever and I had to force quit after about 15 minutes) and I don't have the history/playlist to refer back to. I suspect it's lost forever. Is anything possible to recover it as it was for a wedding and I need to refer to what I actually played? Unfortunately I did not manually save my Collection before closing either so "last Played" is also not an option.

I'm running TP3 3.6.0 325 on a MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.6.8 with a Kontrol S4 Mk3.




  • DJDL
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    I'm afraid you probably lost that night's set history, as was the case with the old "flushing background tasks" bug which froze Traktor upon quitting. Sorry for your loss, which appears to be an isolated or random issue, as I've not seen the aforementioned bug since 3.5.3 or maybe 3.5.2.

    On a more uplifting note: if you did edit song comments and have preferences set for these comments to be written to your files, they will not be present at first, but will appear as soon as you load those songs on a deck or manually re-analyze them.

    Good luck!

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    I too have this problem. Tried removing settings and legacy folders. Still hangs after I've imported the playlist I'm working on, and the playlist I'm saving disappears from Traktor every time. It stays saved on the SSD of course. If I start Traktor and close it, without doing anything else, it successfully closes. Traktor Pro 3.8 on Windows 11.

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    Yeah I haven't had that problem since upgrading to 3.8 but happened all the time with .6

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    how to fix this problem?

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