Purchased \ Registered Products Missing In Native Access Since Service Center Was Discontinued.

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A couple of years ago I wanted to get my NI software up and running. I have some older products like Maschine Software for the MK1, Battery 3, Urban Arsenal. I gave up trying to use them because they refused to show up in Native Access, despite showing up in my account and my entering the serials in Native Access. It says the product has been registered when I enter them, but nothing happens. I put a ticket in back in 2020, never heard from NI about it. Put another ticket in today, but really, they still haven't sorted this issue out? I know I'm not the only one who has had this problem, and I don't get how they can get away with people's legit products not functioning. I just want to use my Maschine. Is there any known fix for this? I've tried all of the usual basic troubleshooting.


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    I got the software from the original CD and installed it. Then found the right update in legacy updates. Had to run down the list until I got under 2.0 version and then it finally updated and magically started working. Now I'm going to hope this type of update works with the rest of them. I don't get why they don't just have an installer in Native Access for everything registered to your account.


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