Traktor and Mac Touchscreen functionality

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I've been using Traktor since the very first release though I did miss / skip the first scratch hardware and ever since the first incarnations. The one thing I wished for and often made the case to Friedemann was decent touchscreen functionality, knowing what and why it was not gonna happen.

Now granted I had been barely around as Traktor stagnated in the 3.x days but This week as I prepared to DJ a good friends wedding, I thought to plugin my portable 4K Touchscreen, I have been using for general windows app use for a couple of years with success. I plugged it in to my shiny 3 year old McBook Pro and accidentally discovered that out of the box with no drivers required, the Touch screen worked to drive the pointer on MacOS Monterrey.

It was awkward and really no good for desktop use but on Traktor.... Well, I got all kinds of moist over that experience. The small knobs suck, but almost all buttons and sliders work REALLY well, as does tapping and dragging (Clicking on the Stripe). still much to discover but this is way Cool!

Now all of this might be old hat to a bunch of you, but all of a sudden this has me excited. and all I needed was a single thunderbolt 3 cable (USB-C 20Gbps) to connect to my Monitor. So with the S3, two Venerable Gen 1 X1's and this, I'm about to go try to make the dancefloor Jump tomorrow night for the first time in FAR too long.



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    Glad you found a way that worked for you @Phill. Hope the gig went well!

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    Yes, touchscreen works pretty well, at least on Windows. I have started to experiment with it on Microsoft Surface Pro 5 (i5) using Pen. Way better than with fingers. So far seems that it will replace my old i7 notebook.

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