Is there a secret to installing the free Kontakt Player?

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I found a thread from 2018 that seems to have the same issue. No resolution.

I've downloaded Native Access. When I click "not installed" there is nothing there. Made sure I have the right email. It's just not there. It did say 'Reaktor 6 player installed successfully" without me doing anything, so that seems weird. I also have Kontakt Player 2 that needs to be repaired, but nothing works to repair it and I can't seem to uninstall it.

Is there an actual install file for the Kontakt player? I'm just trying to use a free sampled piano (the M Sound Factory Monastary grand), but their player sucks and the sustain pedal gets stuck and then it glitches out.

I'm chasing my tail here, not a fan of this installer. You follow the directions only to hit a brick wall when it says "click not installed and you'll see it", except you don't...


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