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I'm running KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE on a 64bit Windows 10 PC along with 40 other already installed 3rd party and NI products and have 102 still to download (which I don't need all of) however, I have maxed out the available space left on my internal hard drive and can't load any more and want to move these products to my external SSD hard drive but I'm not sure exactly how to do this. These have unfortunately all installed in C:\Users\Public\Documents.

Do I move just the 'contents' or the 'contents' and the VST's? Will changing the 'content location' and or the 'VST plugin locations' in preferences and doing the "repair location" in Native Access free up space on my C: drive? Do I just cut and paste the folders?

In this video it says, "its very important to choose earlier defined install locations for both 32 & 64 bit versions of the plugins and stick with them" so I'm a little confused.

Would one of you more experienced users please guide me, I'm afraid if I stuff this up it will render none of my existing compositions to work.

I Have Attached A PDF Of Screenshots Of The Files I Wish To Move

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    I take it you have a laptop, If not you can get 2 , two terra byte drives and put em into your computer. Then you can put them in a raid configuration and stripe them with raid 0 and get 4 terra bytes, or you can use raid 1 which duplicates one on the other. If one fails using raid 1 you have an instant backup. But if one fails in raid 0 all data is lost. Raid 0 is very fast and makes your workflow much nicer. I back my stuff up on an external usb drive. Usb drives are sometimes to slow to work with but make decent backups. Also if you have a desk top computer you can use PCIe NVMe ssd drives. And if you have an X16 pcie slot there are adapters that hold up to 4 nvme ssd's. If you raid 10 four of those you get a constant backup plus the benefits of raid 0. Not every computer can run 4 card though. But doing it this way you can still have one big drive C and don't have to worry about running out of disk space unless you get too much. 4 terrabytes holds a lot of recordings and samples. Luckily M.2 cards are way down in price too. Samsung , Crucial etc, about 170 us dollars for a single 2 terrabyte drive.I you have another drive like a drive D the you have to save you projects on drive D or call up samples or what ever from the drive. Either way it's easy to do, Backup you stuff beforehand somehow because replacing drives and it's all gone.

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    @TFM We'd recommend to only move content, like Kontakt libraries and such. You can check this article: Moving a Native Instruments Product to Another Location on Your Computer

    It's always better not to move VSTs and programs and better to keep them on the system's drive. They are not that big GB-wise.

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    Thanks Everyone!

    Jeremy How Can I Tell Which Folders Are The Library Folders To Move And Not The Actual VST & Programs



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    Answer ✓

    Well, it depends where you installed them, you will find the different installation destinations in Native Access preferences. Maybe this video will help: Setting Install Locations in Native Access

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