The difference between ‘New Discussion’ and ‘Ask a Question' - What is it? 🔍

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When writing a post, you have two options to choose from - being to start a discussion or ask a question.

Discussions are meant to be open to several answers and opinions, it’s an ongoing dialogue. Feel free to launch a discussion if you’re looking for advices, if you want to express a feedback about a product or share relevant content with the community.

Example: "I've built a new Reaktor synth for drones - let me know what you think!"

Questions are specific to one topic, it should be linked to a particular answer. Ask the community in case you want to know how to achieve something or if you’re facing an issue that requires the insights of experts. Members of our support team are always nearby in case you’d need extensive troubleshooting.

Example: "How can I fix missing thumbnails in Native Access 1.10?"

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