Kontakt crashes PT when opening an instrument

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So I just got Komplete 13 and I opened a new project in Pro tools to test it out. After trying some plug-ins I opened up Kontakt to use a piano (The Grandeur) but the second I opened the piano pro tools instantly crashed with no warning. I've tried other Instruments in Kontakt and I keep running into the same problem, just an instant crash. I've got a MacBook pro (Monterey 12.3) with 16GB and an M1 processor and from what I have read I don't think that its a performance problem. Ive been looking for a solution for a couple of days and I haven't gotten anywhere so I thought I would ask here.

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    I just upgraded from Big Sur to Monterey, and suddenly had that exact same problem (Pro Tools crashing as soon as you select a Kontakt instrument).

    I then upgraded Pro Tools to the latest (2022), and it looks like the problem is fixed.


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