Sounds Go Randomly out Of tune?

Bernard Hankins
Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

Has anyone else experienced a problem where Maschine randomly decides to make a sound or group go out of tune from the rest of the project?

In the past this has happened where I was using Xpand! 2. Sometime sit would happen too when unplugging the MIDI controller.

NO controller plugged in this time. I checked to see if tuning got changed in the plugins itself or an effect added by accident, not the case. This time it has happened with Kontakt, tuning was set to zero, but the MIDI notes are out of key. they were not shifted. I exported MIDI, and saved the Kontakt preset and reloaded them manually and they re back in the correct key. But trying to see is there anything causing this.



  • ozon
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    Are you sure nothing is sending Pitch Bend events? Maybe you had the touch strip set to pitch and accidentally touched it?

  • Bernard Hankins
    Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    No, no MIDI instrument of any kind was plugged in when this happened

  • D-One
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    Hum... Hard to debug this one. If reloading the MIDI fixes it then it indicates the problem is in the MIDI but if you checked for pitch bend modulation/automation lanes and such and there was none then this is quite the mystery. Next time it happens save the project with a new name and upload it here so we can have a look.

    By any chance are you using a very high sample rate?

  • Schmapps1
    Schmapps1 Member Posts: 107 Advisor

    I’ve had that problem in the past, I believe I ended up tracking it down to being a sample rate issue

  • Bernard Hankins
    Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    Hi D-One and Schmapps thanks for reading. The sample rate is just 48000 and I'm not using any bounced wav files. The only wavs are drum one shots from Splice. Maschine library and 1 sample from free Everything else is pure MIDI.

    I think something is going on with Kontakt. One instance in my "CHOIR" group is fine, but then a Kontakt instance in my "VOX" group will be out of tune or vice versa. I tested it too: the tune for all my Kontakt instruments in the "VOX" instance are set to 0, and if I tune them down to -1 semitone they are back in tune with the entire composition.

    Here is the project file:

    The problem groups are "CHOIR" and "VOX"

    This is version 18 of the file, I went back to version 15 and the "CHOIR" is fine, but then went out of tune again.


  • Schmapps1
    Schmapps1 Member Posts: 107 Advisor

    Hmmm I’m not sure then, sorry. When it happened to me, I think I had an instrument plugin that was set to a different sample rate than my global sample rate setting in Maschine

  • nxtseq
    nxtseq Member Posts: 18 Member

    I've had this issue before, ish.. It happened mostly with samples to me, I think it might have happened to a plugin once. After the newest updates I haven't gotten the bug, ever. I found it impossible to replicate as it mostly happened on random. Hope you get this sorted. What Maschine version are you running?

  • Bernard Hankins
    Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    Yeah it is really random. This happened on my work computer a few times and that is the first time on my personal computer. I'm on version 2.15.2

  • RichieRich
    RichieRich Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    I have Xpand2 but I can't find it in my Vst or VST3 folder even though I've added the folder everywhere possible still no Xpand2 I even did the plugins scan still nothing can you help me out Bernard Hankins how did you get it to work!!!

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