Anyone having trouble saving projects? I thought I'd share what I've done to prevent that.

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Sometimes when id want to do some editing of a track that had dubious chances for success, id right click on the track ( say track five was massive or a third party synth), click copy, then paste it on track 6.all the corresponding midi or audio data duplicates as well as the patch on the synth. Then if I happen to turn track 5 to garbage, I could toss it and use 6. But therein lies my problem. The copy paste of a synth or effect from the track to another is the source of the not saving nightmare, for me at least.

Now, ill copy the audio or midi on to a new track and then open up a another instance of the synth on the new track, re-do any tweaks i made to the synth by saving the patch or go the long way one knob turn at a time....still way better than having to lose all data if i quit maschine or wanted to work on a different project.


  • ozon
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    Never experienced that problem—although I duplicate Pads with all content and events a lot either to try out different Synth/Effect sounds, or to alter the sound for different sections of a track, or to selectively double a line with a different sound.

    If your experience of not being able to save the Project after duplicating Pads is repeatable, you should definitely file a bug report.

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