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Flight case with laptop shelf for Maschine MK3

nuggs Member Posts: 2 Noise
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Hello folks. I recently purchased a Maschine MKIII and laptop as a portable studio solution. I am wondering if anyone has found a suitable flight case with a laptop shelf for Maschine MKIII. Everything I have come across is too big, I am wondering if anyone has seen one for the MKIII, or has added foam etc, to create a suitable solution? I'm only interested in one with a laptop shelf, I know there is one without it for Maschine, that's not what I'm looking for.



  • D-One
    D-One PortugalModerator Posts: 858 mod
    edited September 6

    With options between 200-300$ you might want to get a quote from your "local flight case guy" since that's usually the price for a custom case around the required size, I guess if you have people that do this close by depends on where you live but I am in a tiny country and got quite a few around.

    I never seen any specifically for the MK3 or M+, only for the Mk2 wich is only a few mm shorter, you could try to mod one of those and cut a bit of foam out but it's risky, I'd go for a case for the Studio which is bigger and just glue some extra foam, like this one:

    With the extra room you could accommodate accessories like power supply, cables, etc.. (?)

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