Long-time TP User - Just Upgraded to TP3 w/ S4 MK3 - 4 Questions

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Early 2013 MBP Catalina

Been on Traktor for like 14 years. Just upgraded to Traktor 3 and the S4 MK3... 4 minor questions/complaints...

  1. You STILL can't reorganize the Playlist order? Still alphanumeric? I have to put a bunch of !!!?* characters in front of playlists names to keep them at the top? Been complaining about this for 14 years.
  2. Traktor 3 browser flashes 2-3 times when dragging a song to a deck, or practically doing any changes to the browser area. While it doesn't cause any issue other than a momentary visual glitch, it happens every time, and seems symptomatic of a larger concern. This doesn't seem to happen on Windows 10 with the same TP3 version & same collection. Seems to happen on Mac only. Can anyone direct me to a good thread about it / explanation from N.I.?
  3. I really wish the S4 MK3 had dedicated audio mic input... and not have to route it thru Traktor. Would rather just plug in the mic quickly and use it without finagling with settings and buttons. Plus don't like that it sucks up one of the 4 channels.
  4. Hate lugging around the power supply adapter. Wish it was built in. Also where can i replace this? I want to have an extra on standby. OEM only.

Thanks and looking forward to your comments!


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    Number 2 is a known bug and it's driving me mad. It's not about OS version. But a combination of track amount, if you searched for something or if you sort. If I sort by playlist track number it works just fine, but if I sort by BPM I get the same issue. It's really annoying as it also can stop "play preview" button event from working.

    Number 3 is possible. It's a bit quiet bit it works. But I have to turn the mic up with every start, as it defaults to zero. The documentation shows the different ways to route a mic.

    Number 4 I build my own :))) I'm glad it's not build in. Any 15v with similar amp and same polarity will work.

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    Thanks Carlos... can you explain #3 as best you can? What do you mean it's possible? I am aware that i can use a mic with traktor - my complaint is that i wish that i didn't have to route it thru Traktor, I'll check the documentation as you suggested.

    I was thinking to myself "maybe it's better to keep the power supply external" this way you dont have to deal with repairs - and can just swap out. Nice.

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    1) I put playlists in folders, one may put the recent in something like 00-Recent. And I use date prefixes (YYMMDD) in name or folder (If more playlists for given event. In that case I use prexixes 0,1,2, .... for prefixes of playlists).

    Everything is ordered in time order, or in order desired....

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