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[TIP] alternating Song view and Ideas view on MK3(AKA switching between Scene mode and Section mode)

ds0 Member Posts: 8 Sine

I was experiencing a particular problem switching between Ideas view and Song view (AKA Scene mode and Section mode) with the MK3 that hadn't been covered on the community yet, and which I didn't find too clearly documented, so I'm leaving a little write-up on how I do it in case someone has a similar problem.

After pressing Shift+Scene on the MK3 to enter Song view, I was unable to switch back to Ideas view from the MK3 itself. In the Maschine software, I was able to click on the Arranger View button as specified in the docs (Maschine Manual section 2.4.3) to switch between the two views, but on the MK3, pressing Scene again did not appear to switch back to Ideas view, nor did pressing Shift+Scene.

The solution: pressing Shift+Variation to enter Navigate mode allowed me to switch back and forth between Ideas view and Song view (Maschine Manual section The top buttons (2 and 3) on the MK3 are equivalent to the Arranger View button on Maschine.

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