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How Can I control FX3 & FX4 using my Kontrol S4?

JorgeSEDJs Member Posts: 8 Member
edited September 2022 in Traktor Software & Hardware

I enabled 4 FX Units and would like to control the FX 3 & 4 like I can control FX 1 & 2. How can I use my hardware to do this?



  • zephry
    zephry Member Posts: 551 Pro
    edited September 2022

    There are no built in controls with the S4. You can map them but...

    The main issue with controlling the other effects is that it causes the knobs to be incorrect.

    There is a function called soft takeover. But in my experience it is really annoying.

    Even on the S8 controller, there are other knobs to control those effects but the indicators only show what decks are active when shift is held. It can get confusing.

    I use a separate controller set up with my own custom settings.

  • motostick
    motostick Member Posts: 6 Member

    I use a traktor X1-mk2 to control FX 3 and 4.

  • JorgeSEDJs
    JorgeSEDJs Member Posts: 8 Member

    On the X1-mk2 I don’t see a control for FX 4. How do you get to control FX 4 from the controller?

  • motostick
    motostick Member Posts: 6 Member

    If you set the x1 to control C and D chanels, you can control FX3 and FX4 with the upper knobs

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