Updated 'Audio Kontrol 1' drivers for Windows 11?


The current driver crashes windows 11 or just causes stretching of the audio (digital glitches and time strech).

Can we expect updated drivers at any point?

I've had this audio interface for 10 years now and been very happy with it in my DJing years! Was really hoping to be able to put it back into use, but drivers have not been playing ball for a long time.

Sincerely, WGM

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  • Blindeddie
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    Audio Kontrol 1 is a discontinued product and has reached “End of Service” as stated here…


    It is also not listed on the Win 11 Compatability Chart here…


    Based on those two Docs, it can be assumed that no new development will happen for the device (drivers or otherwise)!

  • nopenopenope2
    nopenopenope2 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thank you for the help. Sad to see it discontinued, but I can understand it. Just sucks to have to throw away perfectly fine pieces of hardware... Such a waste.

    Be well :)

  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,559 Expert

    Yeah, I have a bunch of gear that just sits around collecting dust…works perfectly fine, but the manufacturer has abandoned them…

  • Regis Olivetti
    Regis Olivetti Member Posts: 1 Member

    Eu instalei o drive de 2013 no win 11 e não deu conflito, mas logo depois apagou destrutivamente (dados) do meu SSD. Tive que reinstalar win. Pode ser coincidência, mas vou tentar de novo. Ai reporto.

  • Tommygun
    Tommygun Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I followed instructions on a Gearspace site with the heading "Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 and Windows 10 - The Solution" and that worked for me. It does involve a little fiddling and command line stuff. I get the very odd clicky artifact but its very minimal and I'm using it with my old versioin of DJ Traktor fine. Its a quality interface and compared to other devices it holds up very well. Built like a tank too. Recycle, reuse!

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