Importing midi files in Maschine 2

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Hello. Does anyone know how to import a midi file, exported from Logic, in Maschine 2? It seems like no matter how I try to export it, Maschine 2 will not import it. Although, any other midi file (like for example, midis from a midi chords pack) are imported without problems. I don't understand what is the difference between these files or what Logic does to an exported midi file, so that Maschine is unable to import it.


  • Eric Rabb
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    Just try this, copy the midi file in logic, and “drag and copy onto an empty track” add a instrument to that same track and that should do it. Never used logic though, but it should work.But it’s basically a copy drag and drop function.

  • Elena
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    Hello. Thank you for your reply. But I don't have issues with Logic, only with Maschine 2: A midi exported from Logic will not be imported by Maschine 2. A midi from a midi chords pack will be imported without issues. And I don't understand why. I just want to import some keys recorded in Logic, into Maschine 2, and use them for a beat. Oh, I just discovered that the same issue is with Ableton too. So, a midi exported from any DAW will not be imported by Maschine 2.

  • Kaldosh
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    I don't have that issue with ABleton, I can drag midi file from Ableton browser, Finder or as suggested above copy paste from DAW to Maschine without issue, you can also route your midi track from logic to maschine and record the midi events with Maschine 2.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Elena There is no drag & drop for MIDI to Maschine. You would first need to export your MIDI file from Logic, then, in Maschine right click in a sound and select "Import MIDI"

  • D-One
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    Just tried right-clicking some MIDI from Logic and exporting, then dragged the file into MAS Pad and it worked fine.

    Not sure if its an OS thing but MIDI drag-and-drop to Maschine always worked fine for me, if it's just for a Pad we have to be in keyboard mode tho.

  • Flexi
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    If you ever have issues with MIDIfiles, it is worth installing the Reaper demo (full features, just a reminder to buy at boot) to investigate, Reaper will load anything that is valid and on export generally fixes any incompatibilities between different softwares too, you can also split by channel etc too, plus run scripts/macros.

    I have created a macro in the past to convert Maschine pad MIDI to the ridiculous MPC pad MIDI layout, single click.

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