Traktor Pro 3 Feedback and Feature Requests

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Hello team!

Traktor Pro user since 2012!

I am grateful to see some updates from your team and seeing a light roadmap where it seems the focus is on effects with some adjustments to the GUI for user experience.

These are all great! However, I had sent an email awhile ago and sincerely hope it does not get lost in the mix (no pun intended). I’ve decided to post my requests publicly for more visibility.

I want to thank you for one of the most versatile digital DJ platforms known to the market. It goes without saying how accurate and perfected your system is compared to many other I have tried.

I know that rekordbox has become quite the competitor in the landscape due to its file management system. Is there anything to look forward to on how NI will combat its advanced feature set? Given this, perhaps better support with the pioneer flagship DJ gear? For example, effect drives and cueing properly.

I love the platform but the file system I feel most certainly needs some care within Traktor.

As a user, some other nuances are the way it saves playlists when attempting to export playlists.. the application does not remember settings and each time it defaults to a ton of non uses I always have to uncheck, let alone it does not seem to remember where I’m attempting to save the output files.

Another small part is how you save the quick-to-call upper playlists. there does not seem to be a way to clear them out unless you overwrote an existing favorite from the top.

I can’t really think of much else at this time but would love to know anything to update down the pipeline.

Lastly, I use an x1 mk2 currently… any plans on designing one with a built-in soundcard? I use Traktor with the x1 and a xone 92 dj mixer at this time. I’d love to be able to expand into a 4 deck scenario using the x1 mk2 but getting an external soundcard causes More inventive setups when playing live gigs. Therefore I’ve been eyeing the xone k2.

Current setup:

Traktor x1 mk2 

Allen & Heath xone 92

Presonus 26c / Audio2 dj

PS: I also have a Traktor audio2dj but since it uses micro USB, it’s flakey at times and dies quickly from unplugging and re-plugging.

I’ve tried many (including serato, deckadance, rekordbox, etc) and I always see myself coming back to Traktor. Like that old saying, “once you go traktor, you can’t go back”.

I did want to leave this open for NI, if they need help developing or feedback. I’m happy to be your Guinea pig. Of course, open to other “workarounds” that may exist.

Thanks for your time!

PS: From my ticket I added myself to the announcements, but I did not stumble across this release until I saw other YouTubers posting about the update and talking about the new paid features with the subscription model in place.


  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,648 admin

    Hi @Greilark thanks for the post. We have an ideas section here where you can share suggestions for features etc. Feel free to create a post for each of your ideas there. 😃

    And if you're looking to join the next beta test, keep an eye on this section here!

  • Greilark
    Greilark Member Posts: 2 Member

    Hi Kaiwan,

    I've been using this software for over 15+ years.

    I have been moved around for my request multiple times. Can you just send this forward to them? Getting ahold of anyone who cares to have an ear is super frustrating and hard to tell where any information is to go, even if NI is truly listening rather than passing the buck to another department without doing much of anything. It would be great if you can just pass this onto DEV.

    Thanks for understanding.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,648 admin

    @Greilark I totally understand the frustrations. Our new idea section however is shaped together with the Traktor team so rest assured any ideas that receive enough votes/support from the community will be brought up to them.

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