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I have been looking for information both on the internet and on YouTube videos about whether Traktor Pro works on a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet. I have not found almost anything, I have not been able to draw any conclusions, neither in one sense (it works), nor in another (it does not work). The videos on YouTube are very old.

I'm thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro 7:

12.3-inch touch screen (2736x1824 pixels) Intel Core i5-1035G4 processor. 8GB LPDDR4X RAM memory 128GB solid hard drive Windows 10 Pro operating system. Free upgrade to Windows 11.

I would like to know, please, if Traktor Pro would work on this device without problems and regarding drivers for midi controllers, external sound cards, digital mixers, what would be the compatibility?

Thanks in advance.



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    I used a surface for a while when my main computer had troubles.

    • It's fast.
    • Not all areas of the screen are touch sensitive.
    • Only a single usb connection. You will need a powered hub.
    • I had no troubles with my equipment and drivers.
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    Thank you very much.

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    I use a Lenovo Yoga for preparation. It works ok,but definitely some spikes and heavy cpu depending on what driver I select.

    Some laptops also have their own issues when dealing with audio. For instance I had a Dell G7 that was $1300 a few years ago and I eventually narrowed the problem down to the Dell Support application causing spikes.

    I have noticed less issues on laptops 2020 and newer for Windows OS.

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    Microsoft Surface Pro 8 (i5) should be bullet proof.... At least it is the first Surface Pro that seems to be usable for music production out of the box. The previous versions are said to need tweaks and optimizations to work OK.

    I do not have personal experience, it is just result of my internet search few days ago, as I considered getting Surface Pro to use with Traktor and possibly also lighter music production. I will wait for secondhand Pro 8, unless someone confirms TP3 using 4 decks works fine on Surface Pro 7 or lower....

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    In my experience, every machine needs some tweaks to deactivate process-hungry "features".

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    Hi my first post in here ever in terms of using traktor with surface pro should not be any problems at all I do have one surface 3 (not a pro) with m series CPU 1.6ghz only and seriously traktor works with timecodes via audio 8 dj soundcard (I used old drivers from win 8.1 64bit) I can see that CPU load is between 40% to even 95% when mixing but I do not have any glitches etc, but keep in mind I set sound quality to 44100khz and 4ms usb latency and 1024 samples, somehow I do not feel any latency when scratching, moreover I have ordered used surface pro 5 with i5 cpu 8gb of ram 256gb ssd and 2.6ghz I am assuming it should work perfectly but will keep you updated how it goes. I do believe all depends how many apps is installed on your surface and runs in the background. My old surface 3 (not pro) had factory reset and honestly I was shocked that this old unit can run traktor with timecodes

  • Kubrak
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    I can say that MS Surface 7 Pro (i5 / 4C/8T) works very well with Traktor 3 Pro. It is passively cooled, compact, touch screen. Just great!!! And 7/7+/8 Pro has two USB ports. :-)

    I use it with S5, or D2 and Z1.

    It also works quite OK with Maschine 2 SW. But of cource, it is not that hard hit the limit.... For sketching just fine.

  • Stevan
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    It was either Surface Pro or M1 MBP for me. I went for M1 for it's silent operation and can report that Traktor Pro 3 works better in Rosetta layer then every PC I ever tried. No optimization is required. It is really no brainer unless you also plan to use some PC based applications.

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  • Kubrak
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    Currently I use 3.7.1, but I have used few older as well.

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    I have m2 MacBook Air and with Rosetta Traktor works beautifully. People need to think about when real time stem separation comes in Spring we will all need a m1 /m2 or window ls equivalent. That’s if you want to use that pro plus feature. I got the m2 in readiness for it. 1tb SSD and 16GB of ram.

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    If wanting to use a tablet, why not just go with Algoriddim? I've been able to run it at lowest latency with 4 decks using dvs with keylock on and stems on an old 9th Gen iPad without issue.

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    Hello, would this working with Traktor pro 3 and dvs?

    Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Intel Core i5 1035G4 | 8GB DDR4 | 256GB SSD


  • Kubrak
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    I have almost exactly that Surface, the only difference is 16 GB of RAM. It runs Traktor just fine, for me.

    I cannot comment on DVS use. I use it with S5 mostly.

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    What do yall use for a stand?

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