Native access stuck on installing "previews"



  • Jeremy_NI
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    There used to be an error message specific to this issue and we still have the article here: Native Access Installation Error: "Fatal Error: Can't write..." (Windows)

    Check section 3 of the article. Our knowledge base will make a new article soon.

  • evans_ch
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    i did and this did work thanks

  • tikaal
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    i read the answers and i get what i need to do, but i just can't stop the install to reinstall it

    thank you

  • Kfire
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    Concerning simply trying to cancel a stuck install of the previews. The only solution I found was to uninstall Native Access 2 and revert to Native Access 1. I was then able to fully install the previews to the shorter path. I tried upgrading back to Native Access 2 afterwards. But it was still stuck thinking it was installing it. So I have reverted to version 1 until a new release irons out this bug. Or until I get advice on how to reset version 2.

    You can find version 1 of Native Access here

  • Kfire
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    Just an update. After following the above procedure uninstall version 1, restart your computer, then install version 2 again. Version 2 should be back working again without being stuck installing previews

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Little update on this issue:

    First check this article: Native Access Is Stuck on Installing Previews

    Then if Native Access is still stuck, please carry out the following workaround:

    1.  Quit Native Access and restart your computer (this is really important)
    2. Run the Previews installer directly via the following link, and make sure to select a short installation path.
    3. Restart Native Access

  • Tom Daniels
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    I'm sorry that I have to say this, but I find it very inappropriate to force us users to search for errors and implement workarounds in a cumbersome manner when the unnecessary cause lies in the programming of the path generation.

    I and probably many others are trying to keep order in data management. I have many plugins from many different manufacturers and I don't see why I have to mess up my clean folder structure just because Native Instruments is too lazy to change the installer. It's bad enough that your software doesn't include an option to change the install path without manually moving it in the file manager and then rescanning everything.

    So I expect that you will fix it quickly with an upcoming update. After all, we pay a significant amount of money for this product.

  • AndJim
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    Just downloaded Komplete Standard today, last day of the sale. Everything installed except Previews which stayed installing for ages. I used Task Manager to stop the install loop by clicking 'end task' on two incidents of NI Previews exe. in Background Processes. This caused Access to give a fail for the install and a reinstaIl option. I'm grateful to the post above that a shorter path name solved the problem with installing Previews. I made a shorter path for library location in Access Preferences with F:/NIPreview and the new download and install worked. I copied the new Previews folder into my original folder with all the other libraries and Komplete plays all samples.

  • Josh Schroeder
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    As a long time user of Komplete, this preview bug is moronic.

    How is it that in 2023, we have software that:

    1. arbitrarily limits the amount of characters and / or folders
    2. doesn't inform the user of the potential issue
    3. doesn't communicate the issue to the user while it's happening
    4. cannot cancel the installation action

    Love your stuff NI, but this is embarrassing.

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