"Sample - 1.wav" disappears

mason drielling
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If I use any of the sample editing tools (truncate, fade-in, fade-out), on "Sample.wav", a new "Sample - 1.wav" is created.

If I delete the original sample from the Maschine browser, and quit Maschine. The edited "Sample - 1.wav" disappears entirely and the original "Sample.wav" is in the trash.

"Sample.wav" should go to the trash, but the edited "Sample - 1.wav" should not disappear entirely.

I'm just trying to fix samples (remove silence, clicks etc) without loosing the fixed sample. But I end up permanently loosing both versions if I mistakenly empty the trash.



  • D-One
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    edited August 2022

    The destructive sample edits are considered temporary until you actually Save the project, if you don't they will be deleted when closing the app. So you gotta save the project.

    TBH if you do a fair bit of sample cleanup sessions you're better off using a dedicated audio editor app for that, tons of free ones out there, I find that cleaning up samples even in DAW's quite annoying due to things like this or having to export each one.

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