My Maschine Plus crashes and erases my projects with it.

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Running my Maschine + in stand alone. I tried to reset the hardware and also format the sd card. Still crashing and erasing my projects even at 52% cpu usage. Bought at time it first became available for sale in 2020. Is the first batch possibly back in 2020 have some defects in the Hardware? Please help. I really think this is awesome that we can run the hardware in stand alone and would like to fix this issue. Thx.

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  • Magenta
    Magenta Member Posts: 17 Member
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    Hello, I placed another SD card in the M plus and it’s working better now. However after loading up about three groups and using one group as an effect Channel with only one plug-in on it, it starts to slow down and reach its maximum capacity. Can you please give me an idea of how many groups should be able to handle approximately how many send a fx plug-ins etc…



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