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Why on screen platter wont recognise controller - Traktor Pro 3

Methodikyl Member Posts: 7 Sine


can anybody help me PLEASE!

I can not get the on screen platter to recognise my controller. i.e when i move the platter, the on screen doesn't move with it.

I am using the traktor S2 Mk3 - with Traktor Pro 3.

I know this should work, because it moves accordignly when i try it on Traktor DJ 2


Best Answer


  • ilove1981
    ilove1981 Member Posts: 26 Sine

    Pretty sure the Platter view is only for use with Timecode vinyl. Happy to be proven wrong. Traktor DJ 2 is a very different beast and quite possibly works very differently. I've used the iOS version with my S2Mk2 and I know what you mean but I'm fairly sure Traktor Pro 3 does not have the same platter view.

  • Methodikyl
    Methodikyl Member Posts: 7 Sine

    Really? oh, that's the worst. Traktor Dj sucks, you can't instant double.. which is the main reason I can't use it, and the settings are so limited.

    I hope someone proves us wrong. this would be a game changer for scratches

    thanks bro

  • DanteBen
    DanteBen Member Posts: 4 Sine
    edited August 2022
  • Methodikyl
    Methodikyl Member Posts: 7 Sine

    Man that sucks, and amazingly surprising.. traktor dj isn't enough for anyone who knows more than nothing about dj'ing. it's pretty much an auto-mixing app.. (only tried the desktop). and the platter icon's the exact same.. so hard to drop basic scratch samples using the wave only. gutted. and my controller doesn't work with serato

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