Tips on making perfect loops from samples

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Hello, I'm a newbie so wondering when you have any tips on creating a loop from a sample after you slice it sample that repeats on a pad and you create and recording of it.

How do you make it loop perfect?

Do you make the sample longer by duplicating it to the length you need?

Or does your loop repeat perfect and you put clip next clip to extend it?

Thank you!



  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,473 Expert

    Usually you just have a loop long enough to have the content you need (4/8 bars) and make sure you edit the start/end points on the beat. If the loop is the same thing over 4 bars as 8 bars then doesn't make sense to make a longer one when a shorter one will suffice.

    Days gone by before editing samples was a thing direct in a DAW you would load up a sample in an editor and edit that way being conscious to try and edit on the "zero crossing" to avoid clicks. An art in editing that is being lost with the automated point and click ways of today.

  • blezzbeats
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    You want the chopped sequence looping on a pad? I'd sequence it and resample it with a fixed timing like Loop

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