Mapping more than 8 Cue points? & playhead following?

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i searched the forum to check if there was a way to expand the number of cue points beyond 8..

it would seem that only 8 cue points per track can be mapped,,,

unlike the free Virtual DJ where i have mapped 64cue points on a single song LOL

Is it possible to have the playhead of Deck A & Deck C follow one another?? The silly idea im having in my head... is Deck A&C loaded with the same song playing in unison with 8 cue's on Deck A and another 8 on Deck C spread out across the song... not really a solution to the limitation.. but it does beg the question... can a Deck follow another deck with a cue point jump?? im guessing no?? maybe??... but i dont know for sure? *shrugs




  • Kaiwan_NI
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    That's correct. You can set more than 8 cue points, but software & controller access is limited to these 8.

    How about mapping a button to create a "next cue" kind of thing?

  • Stevan
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    1 - Have the same track in both decks but rename one first - that will allow for a different set of hotcues.

    2 - Map the volume to 'kill' the other deck audio when a hotcue is triggered.

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    Not sure, if that would work, just idea. What about using F1/JAM (or any other MIDI controller) to access all defined hotcues?

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