Apple Silicon Native Support in Limbo?

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Apple's M1 (now M2) have been out for years at this point, and it seems only Kontakt has been made native. I'm specifically bottlenecked on Guitar Rig and Komplete Kontrol.

The relevant news page hasn't been updated in a long time either.

Might anyone be able to offer a status update?


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  • Doc.Aux
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    Guitar Rig 6 just got updated today, but I'm also waiting on Komplete Kontrol. I think NI are working on it, but some of their programs probably have years' worth of old code that need to be recompiled and re-coded + coupled with layoffs recently, they're probably understaffed or trying to work on many things at once.

    I'd love for them to release an infographic like they just did with Traktor for how long and what programs will be updated to AS, but we just have to wait. Thankfully everything that hasn't been officially updated, seems to work just fine. I feel that older software, such as FM8 probably won't be updated, but newer or super popular plug-ins hopefully will be. Part of me is hoping that Komplete 14 might just have updated / reskinned versions of all of their old software but I'm not expecting it. We'll have to wait and see

  • Kubrak
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    AS and VST3 for most NI products should come in 4-9 weeks. If it goes along the two months old plans. Probably included in K14.

  • synchronizerman
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    Wow, Guitar Rig WAS just updated. What timing.

    I kind of doubted the other plug-ins would be updated. e.g. Massive (not X) and FM8, but personally FM8 would've been nice though.

    Yes, a newsletter or some sort of "ping - we're working on it" would be nice. You're probably correct that they're overwhelmed and maybe the code has some non-portable ASM in it or something that makes this less straightforward that one would like.

    Hopefully things proceed soon, though.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @synchronizerman As @Doc.Aux mentioned, Guitar Rig 6.2.4 was released yesterday and brings M1 native support. The next update of Komplete Kontrol and Maschine will also bring that. There is already a thread about the subject, so I will close this one, feel free to follow and comment here: Native Instruments Apple Silicon M1 Compatibility

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