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Can Traktor pair with Spotify ?

IQMusic Member Posts: 55 Tri

Hello fellow Traktorists

My question is, can Traktor play Spotify tracks ?

Please can we possibly request it as a feature ? 🤞👏

It seems like the obvious feature to include, unless of course I am missing something ? I quickly checked the forums and got no result.

I don't currently own Traktor, but would like the motorised platter Traktor Kontrol S4, or NS7's.

Thanks Peace.

Best Answer

  • Sityi
    Sityi Member Posts: 8 Sine
    Answer ✓

    Spotify doesn't allow any DJ software connection. The closest you can get is Tidal, which is supported by many DJ software and hopefully we can see it in Traktor in the near future - it has been requested already.


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