Help with Xone 23 and Traktor Pro 3

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Hi all,

My first post in here as I'm completely stumped on getting some gear some new gear up and running.

I've recently purchased the A&H xone 23 (not 23C) as my first jump into external mixing. I got the 23 as I also have a NI Audio 2 MK1 (the older discontinued version) but I cant for the life of me get the settings right in Traktor???

I'm running Pro 3 and cant get any output options when connecting up the Audio 2.

I'm aware that the older Audio 2 is not compatible with anything higher than windows 10 but I have that sorted.

I've also got an X1 and F1 controller as well and they seem to connect fine.

Anyone have an ideas on settings to make the xone 23 speak to traktor??

Any help greatly appreciated!!



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    Sorry, I believe I've posted this in the wrong channel, but not sure how to move it.

  • luhum
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    If Im not mistaken you would need the Xone:23c (or any other Traktor Ready mixer:; although the 23c is not listed indeed, see:

    If you would want to use a mixer like the Xone:23 (or any other mixer lacking any USB/MIDI infrastructure) for external mixing in combination with Traktor, you probably also need Timecode (and for that you need either CD-players, or turntables) and a soundcard like the Traktor Audio 6 or 10 (in order to transform the Timecode signal into audio from your computer to your mixer).

    Maybe there are other ways which I am not aware of.. But this comes to mind

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