Midi guitar with Maschine?

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Hi folks

interested to hear if anyone has experience with connecting midi guitars to maschine, how you got on and what setup you’re using!




  • psyron
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    Hi Steve,

    would also be interested to know more about potential integration of a Midi guitar like the Jamstik in the Maschine+ standalone workflow. Is it possible? Did you try it?



  • D-One
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    What do you mean by "integration"? As long as the MIDI-Guitar doesn't need software drivers it should work fine, like any MIDI Keyboard or controller, for it to work on an M+ it has to be USB MIDI Class-Complient or have some sort 5-Pin DIN MIDI output.

    Do note that the M+ does not have any realistic-sounding Guitar instrument.

    The modern ones seem to have some features that the M+ does not support, like Bluetooth but more importantly: MPE, I'm not an expert but I reckon this is a must-have for things like slides, bends, etc...

    This one for example:


    Seems to have a TRS-5-PIN MIDI Out, they claim it can control HW Synths, so it should be MIDI 2.0 and work fine with the M+.

  • psyron
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    Thanks for the info.

    I am a beginner with MIDI (just bought a M+) and i was not sure if such a guitar may need more special software apart of the usual MIDI protocol. Would be fine for me to have basic support so i can practice and experiment with the M+ and a jamstik.

    But would be cool if someone had actually tried it out and could share some experiences or even do a video 😊

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