Feature Request: compatibility with other DJ software

Rolfski Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

When oh when will Traktor talk to other DJ software so you can seamlessly work with other libraries?

Because frankly, this industry should be deeply ashamed of itself, with its DJ ecosystems deliberately being incompatible with each other (not to mention the predatory subscription models). The idea that you need an obscure indie app from some Dutch DJ (all the respect to Mixmaster G btw, the man is doing God's work) to make these DJ systems even talk to each other is just completely insane when you think of it. We're already in 2022 and we're still talking about basic quality-of-life issues that were already rampant a decade ago.

I therefore really hope that Traktor, who has been lagging behind the competition for a long time now, is this time making the first move and will come out with a compatibility feature that their audience actually really wants. Because let's face it, who needs a Pattern Player or Maximizer when reading your Rekordbox collection into Traktor is still giving you an insane headache?


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