Numerous problems with Native Access, Apps stuck in Demo on Mac Studio.

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I'm having many problems ketting my Komplete 13 upgrade up and running on a new Mac Studio.

I really did not expect there to be so many problems installing and using the products from such a long established company. I have spent something like 10 to 20 on the process hours so far.

All installations when attempting to install to an external drive failed so all applications are now installing to local drive. Now very pleased I got the SSD upgrade.

I have had numerous failed installations of all types of products. Many restarts of native access and the computer required to get everything to install. 

Once installed, 95% of products are showing as demos within Native Access. I followed NI instructions to remedy, have had no effect.

95% of products appearing as demos from within Ableton live 11. Clicking activation launches native access but then nothing else happens, either within Native access or within the DAW. 

On some products eg using Reaktor X, clicking activate allows use of product, but then when restarting DAW, again shows as demo.

Trying to use Native Kontrol, previews of patches play, but none of the actual programs can be found and they do not launch. Many applications/ instruments missing from the Native Kontrol browser.

I've written to NI support, 24 hours later still waiting for a reply. Anyone else have any suggestions? Should I delete all and start again using NA 1? I'm glad I don't have any deadlines right now.

Thanks 😥



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @hagopm I see my colleagues got back to you on Thursday, hopefully this get resolved soon.

  • hagopm
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    Thanks Jeremy. Yes we are working through it. He has suggested I go back to Native Access 1. The main problem seems to be activation, none of the new elements that came with my upgrade are showing as full version yet.

  • silenthwk
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    I've spent over a week now in problems downloading N14. On my MAC PRO and on my MAC BOOK PRO M1

    Reaktor refuses to be installed---this needing temporary extra HD room is really tough too; My Mac Pro hub is only 256GB (It's a hub only)

    I've tried everything, but NI, there's got to be a better way.

    LOVE the product, but HATE the install.

    Thanks, Michael

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @silenthwk When trying to install Reaktor 6 do you get an error message ? In this case can you post it? Are you using Native Access 2?

  • silenthwk
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    YES; I am getting an ERROR MESSAGE for Reaktor 6:

    I am using Native Access 2.6.2 on a new Mac Book Pro M1

    But the M1 NA version does not work at all on my M1? So I went to the Mac Intel, which works a little better; KIND OF:

    I've literally been installing since Sunday; not done. Reaktor seems to be one of the reasons.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @silenthwk What is this error message then? Can you post a screenshot? Do you have Rosetta installed on this M1 computer?

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