Reaktor 6 crashes Numerology -- how can I send log files to NI to help them debug?

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A lot of what I do, I do with Numerology ( combined with Reaktor. I have a problem with that setup and that is Numerology crashes whenever I click either of Play, Patch or Build.

I have been in contact with Jim, the developer of Numerology, and he says that he can see from the log files that it is indeed Reaktor which is doing something fishy.

Before Big Sur I used Reaktor 5 a lot but now, after the upgrade I am forced to go to version 6 so there is no Plan B. Basically I am stuck and I have no idea how to proceed, whom to ask for help or where to send my log files.

Does anybody have any ideas for me how to proceed? Basically: if I get a gig right now, I can't unless I either downgrade back to Catalina or buy an old one, just for this purpose. πŸ˜”



  • Nico_NI
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    Hey @koenig, are you using Monterey OS at the moment?

    Feel free to reach out to our support if you want to send them crash logs, they can definitely look into this.

  • koenig
    koenig Member Posts: 2 Member

    I'm still on Catalina. I tried to upgrade to Big Sur but that did not turn out too well for me. Even though I have a 2017 MacBook Pro, things started to slow down in an annoying manner so I reverted my installation and went back again to Catalina. Carbon Copy Cloner is an awesome product that actually lets me try upgrading the whole OS and still provide a path back again, should I want it, and this time it really payed off. 😁

    I will try your suggestion and send the crash logs to Reaktor support and see what they can make of it.

    On a side note: do you know where I can download Reaktor 5 again? I have it as part of my KOMPLETE 10 ULTIMATE license but it is nowhere to be seen in Native Access. It used to be there but now it is not. Odd.

  • Nico_NI
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    Thanks for the tip about Carbon Copy Cloner, seems like a handy tool to have around.

    Our support will also be able to assist with the Reaktor 5 installer πŸ’ͺ

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