Traktor Pro 3 with Traktor S4 Mk3 in Virtual Machine?

RottenSchnitzel Member Posts: 2 Member


I am using a Linux PC and since Traktor Pro doesn't support this I decided to set up a VM (virt-manager with KVM). On the guest system I have Windows 10 running. Traktor Pro 3 is running on it and with USB redirection there seems to be no problem with the software. I can use all the features of Traktor Pro 3 with the Traktor S4 Mk3. But there is a big problem: None of the LEDs work except the TurnTable LEDs and the Master Output LEDs. The Displays work too. I don't think it's a hardware issue since all LEDs work in the boot sequence/animation.

Has anyone experience with a setup on Virtual Machines? Did somebody else have the same problem without using a VM?

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