Pro 3 & Scratch A6 - audio issues

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Hey all,

Recently picked up an A6 to run my 1200s through my old DJM600. The timecode vinyl seems to work great, no issues that I can tell. When I want to switch to a normal vinyl via 'THRU,' I notice the gain when I switch goes WAY down. I noticed this same issue using my tables as channel 3/4 through my S4 as well. Is there an input setting somewhere that I'm missing that will help offset this? I assume it's due to the normal vinyl playing through the Line In on the A6 vs phone but that's just a guess.

Also, on the flip side if I decide to ditch my 600, will my S4 with Pro 3 work with the Timecode vinyl making the A6 redundant or do I need the addition of the A6 between the two?

Thanks all. Been ages since I've dj'd regularly and decided to dust all my stuff off.

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