Software Shortys and other SW-questions ???

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I have to say "the SW-DAW-OBSTRUCTION" is the MOST leck inside the whole MASCHINE cosmos... but first i want to DISS the pattern vs. clip "concept"

For what reason, there is a difference for clips/and patterns???? CLIPS (like in the BWS-way) are the better "patterns" - i see NO reason.

For WHAT "benifit" EXACTLY are this "frozen/link" Pattern scheme good???? If i CHOOSE another "pattern/clip" i do this, because i want!

If i "Arrange" this pattern/clip i want 3 times maybe its the same... but i want (eg) a variation in bar 4.... Or whatever! For what reaseon does "Patterns" more sense than "Patterns"....

Help me... i dont see NO "advantages" of patterns, but a lot of "disadvantatges" !

OF course will CLIP C not more be the same as "linked/reflecteded" to CLIB D... BUT this in 98% exactly i want... where is the "DIS-advantage"????


CLIPS could ALSO stored with a KIT... and so on.... THERE are 95% ADVANTAGES... instead PATTERNS!!!


Why is the SW so HW_Mirror MADNESS????

BOOTH, the HW and the SW could have its NATIVE ADVANTAGES.... (some things are on HW much much faster, or more elegant, or more "playability" ... no SW can "emulate" the play/record-FEELING.... But also: NO HW can emulate deeper DAW_functions.... FIND a Way to COMBINE the ADVANTAGES of booth worlds- instead your mad/cränk... obsession to "MIRROR" booth... ) IF you try to "mirror" the HW to SW... you will SPEED DOWN BOOTH!


LIBRARY --- instead this EXTRA_Level VENDOR... Maschiene 1; 1.8; 2-0.... and so on --- Who is interesting of this EXTRA-Level of VENDOR (if just searching for Kick? or shaker or swell up... ???) FOR me ist ABSOLUTLY "doublepluss" NOT for interissting... INSTEAD "Vendor" i would FIRST Sarch-Level i would like to have "RAW-Instrument-groups" like BASS/DRUMS/KEYS/FX... and THAN i can search faster... but all this VENDOR.... i could serach of a DEEPER level (if i want)... I am creating FIRST music by INSTRUMENTS/SOUNDS - not by sample-packs!

If anyone will (Firts-level) create Music by sample-packs... why not: Give them a possibility to SORT fisrt in this way.... BUT give us all other the possibility to sort as we want!



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    Your post is a little hectic to read tbh but I think I can talk about why I love patterns. The main thing I don’t like about Ableton Live’s arranger view or whatever it’s called, is because you’re manually copying all these clips around and the second you make a change to one, you need to manually update each clip. In Maschine, you update a single pattern and all references of it in other scenes are automatically updated. Sometimes you might not want to do this, in which case I just insert that pattern as a clip in song mode and make whatever variation or just simply clone the pattern and make a new variation called “Drum fill B” or something.

    Maybe it feels weird because of your particular workflow. Do you start in the ideas view and create scenes and then arrange them later in song mode or do you do everything in song mode and use clips extensively there?

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    It seems the "poster" LIKES to....... WRITE in a "very" strange STYLE for some UNKNOWN "reason"!!!

    It makes me "wonder" ABOUT how this person TALKS in "real life"...... "what" DO they......."sound" LIKE????


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    I also prefer patterns and use clips only on ocassions when needed.

    But I would prefer more versatile patterns. For example, to have possibility to say, when it starts and when it ends. (Have possibility to set, it does not play n-first occurencies and repeats only m-times at most.) So, it could start in the middle of scene and end before end.

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