Reference track in Maschine?

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Any way to integrate a "referencetrack" as MP3/Wav (just as NOTICE-Block/ as songstructure/as inspiration.... into a project???)

I want to "learn" different styles (and its FINESSES) and for this, this normal intro/bulid/drop... are not really usefull... but a "referencetrack" would be...



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    I found a VERY good way - at least for me working well) :

    I drag/drop my 3-4 minutes REFERENCE WAV/AIFF to any free SLOT (nope, MP3 will NOT work).

    Then i SCLICE the WHOLE SLOT to 16 Pads via "SAMPLING"... Maybe i change the Song-TEMPO to the "Reference"_Tempo... but ist not necassry... for me its only important that i can HEAR parts of the REFERENCE, as often i want!!! - And i can TRIGER with 16 PADS, wahtever i want... for ME... better than each "reference-playback"....

    "Problem" is only: I have to set to LEGATO or 1 Voice and ADSR.... EACH TIME i change my "Reference" and go INSIDE "SAMPLING"-EIDTOR, the Maschine/HOST-Sampler will forget all Settings ... As said, not a real PROBLEM but a real NASTY ISSUE!

    But however, i can save each "REFERENCE" as a "PROJEKT" and do not have to do... this nasty things anymore..!!!

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