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Does anyone know of an alternative to kitmaker for maschine? I own/purchased the current version and i love it for going from maschine to mpc, but as i own an mpc one, i still prefer the maschine workflow to mpc, and so is there a batch utility to make maschine banks/kits from mpc kits that you own (legally)? pretty much kitmaker in reverse. If the kitmaker devs see this im sure they have been asked about it, because i know i tried asking and they said it wasnt in their development plans, but it would be awesome to find something that did this. Both for drumkits and like their other version, which makes multisampled patches for mpc too. That has been the main difference i have seen in the mpc vs maschine struggle - if we had more multisampled kit options and sounds/drumkits for maschine+ i would have purchased a maschine plus a while ago. it seems like it does better with sampled sounds than plugins on standalone. and it seems like thats how mpc currently does it now.


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    Ive yet to see something like this in reverse. I agree it would be great if they could do that but as you said... they don't have it in their current view of operation. Only way I know to do it is manually currently unless someone comes up with a way to do it faster. Id be interested equally in that as well.

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