User Interface: Bad (Native Access 2)

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Good golly, NI, how did you end up doing this? Access 2 doesn't allow multiple selections and then activations. At the VERY least it needs "Activate All", by category. The interface now, is too slow and clunky compared to v1. I admit it's pretty, but I don't really need pretty, I need speed.

The UI itself is slow too, I'm thinking somehow the main UI thread is being slowed down by "other things", probably some kind of download thread. This thing needs to be multithreaded. clicking on "repair" and having to wait a full second for it to SHOW me I clicked repair, isn't very cool.

it's a nice effort, it just needs to be polished up.



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    "At the VERY least it needs "Activate All", by category."

    It actually has that, I think. "Install all", in the upper right.

    Regarding the UI being slow: I can't confirm that. I don't see any slow downs on Windows 11 here (well... maybe sometimes, when scrolling). It's an Electron app, don't expect performance wonders.

    I agree about the multiple selection thing though, that would be nice.

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    We'll forward your comments to the Native Access team. Regarding the speed on loading, this is actually being worked on.

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    I briefly tried Access 2 and 3. Wow what a piece of junk.

    In my case, Access 2 and 3 doesn't even remember my login information after a few days or even hours. The settings of my user interface are also not remembered. You always have to start again from scratch to set everything. I just want to see all installed programs effects and libraries when I open the application and a hint if there are updates. But that is too much to ask. I'm back to version 1 which does all that. I don't know what there is to improve. My fault for installing the new versions.

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