Kontakt keeps on crashing, even after the troubleshooting steps...

Saumon Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Hello everyone, I just bought Kontakt 6 today, but sadly upon instalating it, it just doesn't want to work. I tried in the DAW (cubase 12) I tried the standalone, I tried with my audio interface, then with my motherboard's soundcard, I reinstalled Kontakt, I checked for driver updates, I followed these steps : https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004169849-KONTAKT-Crashes but nothing worked...

Here is the message I get when I launch Kontakt :

I am using an HP EliteBook laptop with a 2.60GHz IntelCore i7 CPU and 16 Go of ram, wich should be enough to make Kontakt work so I am a bit confused.

The computer I am using at the moment is not the one I usually use, since I haven't got access to mine at the moment, though when I will be able to, I'll definitly try Kontakt on it to see if it solves the problem (wich I believe it should) though in the mean timee, I'd like to make it work on this computer still.

Anyway thanks in advance for your help, and have a nice day !


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