Please Help with Output Routing; three days of frustrating tries :(

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I can´t find the way to have working my soundcard to use output to the amplifier and to the headphones at the same time to Djing. I`m in charge of some small event in two weeks.

What I have:

-Traktor Pro 3 Demo last version (ready to buy but if is not working I`ll need another option, just I like Traktor).

-Controller midi Vestax TR-1 (no soundcard)

-Three different soundcards: 1)small & cheap stick USB soundcard; 2)Chord Hugo DAC; 3)Soundblaster Creative external. All of them have more than 5 years but working in different laptops (Windows and Mac) and softwares.

What is the specific problem:

I always have again and again just two outputs in Output Routing (L1-R1; Hugo1-Hugo2; USB1-USB2, that kind of names depending what soundcard I´m trying). Traktor and iOS are recognizing the soundcards and I`m setting both softwares with the right soundcard every try. But always again I have just two outputs so I can hear or the RCA-Speakers output or Minijack-Headphones, so I can`t work like DJ.

Before the pandemy I was DJ in a party with friends and I used an old Windows laptop, playing at that time with the SAME small stick USB soundcard. So I went to try the same old laptop and soundcard with an old Traktor 2, still in that laptop just not configurated. But... happened the same problem!, so I think it is something that I`m doing wrong and not problems with my soundcards.

Now in Mac iOS I created in Audio/Midi setup app an "agregate device" option but in that case I can hear the soundcard USB by one side and the minijack of the laptop through the other side so I`m not using really my controller and the same soundcard like I need. No way to have two USB outputs for speakers and headphones. (I`m not expert in softwares because I like to use tubes+vinyls to hear music).

At the moment I`m losing my time fighting with this and not working in DJing and music. Can you help me? Or my only solution is to buy quickily the hardware+software Traktor? I feel no confident anyway if would work with my laptop, because what I did it in the past is not working now anyway.

Excuse my long question but I tried to be as specific as possible. Thanks a lot!



  • kurorin
    kurorin Member Posts: 5 Member

    I was looking for solution in the Discussions but I couldn`t find the similar problem. Thank you again!

  • PK The DJ
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    It's essential that you post a picture of your audio output settings in Traktor.

    If your laptop has a headphone output then you only require one USB interface. Not three!

    It should be simple to set master for laptop and headphones for USB (or vice versa).

  • kurorin
    kurorin Member Posts: 5 Member

    Thank you very much PK, very appreciated.

    Just I already did that setting with the Mac´s headphone plug and the soundcard.

    But in that case I lost the function of the mixer for both cue (headphones) active 100%. What I was trying to do is to have everything integrated in just one usb soundcard: one stereo output for headphones and another for speakers, like in a Traktor Kontrol S2 or S4 is and like I did it three years ago. I tried with three differents soundcard options and just was not possible.

    No time unluckily so I decided to go tomorrow to the shop and to buy the original Traktor controller there, hopefully installed in my laptop because I feel very unsafe and no more time to waste.

    If somebody has an advice, very appreciated anyway to continue using later the Vestax TR-1 with external soundcard, old japanese model what I like.

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