Traktor F1: How to switch between multiple MIDI mapp's

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having severals midimapps FX (Tekken's) for the TRAKTOR F1,

is there a way to set them up side by side - toggeling between them somehow switching between them? google - youtube - forums: no-where can i find anything on this matter.

Any suggestion more than welcome

thank you for you time, have a great day ;)



  • Sûlherokhh
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    Answer ✓

    These are my findings after having played with my F1's in many variations over the years: You have to switch between the midi-mappings by hand (Open Preferences --> controller editor - select IN/OUT for mapping)

    The only switching command for the F1 (SHIFT+BROWSE) either toggles between factory-mapping / user mapping or between one of those and a single midi-mapping. They are not set up to switch between different midi-mappings or different user-mappings.

  • EricLou'der
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    thank you for your rapide answer and time Sûlherokhh.

    In other words each time i'd like to switch between multiple mappings, i'd ave to switch in/out mappings under device setting, activating the in/out -ports setting of one i'd like to use and de-activating the other?

    now i wonder if it be possible to map a key combination to do so.. like holding down Shift+Brows and dailing the Encoder-knob to switch between them...., can imagine dj's rather prefer touching hardwhere knobs over touching softwere settings in there lab-top during sets

  • Sûlherokhh
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    There are no commands for that in the assignment table. I don't think this has an obvious solution.

  • Stevan
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    I remember making a mapping for someone who wanted all pages in Tekken mapping to be scrollable and visible in the Display.

    If you learn about how modifiers works it will get you there. Tekken mapping is not that complex to reverse engineer it.

    As Sûlherokhh said, swapping the In-Ports and Out-Ports will do the trick also.

  • EricLou'der
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    Hi Stevan, thank you for your answer.

    so you meean you can scrolll (endless) down adding fx to unused pads?

    interesting.... how to go about ... any clues about the scrolling bit? i understand moddifiers

    swapping the In-Ports and Out-Ports you mean activating i asume?

    revers engenering i do undestand... copy ingwhat i see in one tekken, adding below in and other exisitn tekken....





    command have annything to do with that? i experimented with it but so far haven't figured out what thats for.

    manueal edit device says nothng about it....

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